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I extend our warm greetings to our clients!
I am Lee Dal Geun, the CEO of Dong Bang Transport Logistics Co., Ltd.
Dong Bang is devoting all our strength for the affluent society of next generation and for the creation of new corporate value.

We have been achieving steady and continuous growth by our effective responses to rapidly changing internal and external business environment through the efficient allotment of management resources and the reinforcement of competitiveness.
Currently, we, both employees and management, have combined our strength and are powerfully conducting “New-Jump” movement under a slogan for management innovation, which is “Practice for the new changes, challenge and leap,” in order to be reborn as the best integrated logistic company in the 21st century.

Also, in order to respond to our clients’ needs, our ultimate management goal is to provide quicker, more precise and safer service.

We would like to ask you to maintain your interest in us, and your guidance and encouragement are much appreciated. We truly wish you all the best for your business and home.