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The symbol of Dong Bang describes a leap into the world and future.
Our will for globalization was put in the shape of English letters and by putting the English letters “O” on top of the ovum to create the image of rising sun over the solid ground, we have made our symbol to harmonize with the meaning of Dong Bang, the east.
To allow overall harmony of colors, blue, which gives the feeling of up-to-date and futuristic as the background, orange that is creative and enterprising and gray, the symbol of steadiness and diligence were used.
The sense of group community means the attitude that we are the community of the same fortune whose destiny lies with Dong Bang as a family within the fences of Dong Bang although they may work for different companies. Just like trees form a forest, which creates the great effect and value such as prevention of flood and pollution and provision of greens that cannot be compared with the value of a single tree, our competitiveness will grow without a limit and we will be able to achieve early globalization when we all bring our strength together between individuals, organizations and related companies with the sense of community that ‘the development of the Group is that of our company and me.’