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2002 Acknowledged as Outstanding Company for Corporate             Management Innovation
            (Korea Management Association)
            Opened Chungju Office
            Opened Mokcheon Office
            Opened Jeonju Office

2000 Relocation of Head Office in Seoul
            (23FL Marine Center Center, 118, Namdaemunro 2ga, Jung-gu,
1999 ISO14001 Certification (for coal), Selected as the company with
            cooperation between labor and management
1998 Opened Pyeongtaek Branch Office
1997 ISO9002 Certification a for heavy cargo
1996 Opened Hadong Branch Office
            Opened Uiwang Branch Office
1994 Opened Taean Branch Office a CSR operation
1992 Completed the office building for Dong Bang Transport Logistics
            Co., Ltd in Busan
1988 Opened the company to the public
1985 Opened Gwangyang Branch Office a Started providing services for             POSCO
1984 Statutory merger with Incheon Transport Co., Ltd.
            Opened Incheon Branch Office
            Opened Bugok Railroad CY Operation Office
1982 Renamed as Dong Bang Transport Logistics Co., Ltd.
1980 Statutory merger with Masan Gonpo Co., Ltd.
1973 Relocation of head office to Seoul
            Opened Masan Branch Office a Heavy cargo business
1970 Opened Pohang Branch Office a Provision of our service to
1968 Opened Ulsan Branch Office
1965 Establishment of Dong Bang Transport & Warehouse Co., Ltd.
            in Busan